Postdoctoral researcher, Doctor of Medicine, Plastic Surgery,
In 2021, he graduated from Seoul National University School of Medicine with a doctorate degree in plastic surgery and is a member of the American Plastic Surgery Association. In charge of 3 projects including the Korean Research Foundation and the Korea Food and Drug Administration Fund. The research hosted by him has given 12 oral reports and poster exchanges at international academic conferences (American Society of Plastic Surgeons ASPS, Korean Society of Plastic Surgery KPRS). Research papers have been published in well-known international journals such as Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Journal of Scientific reports, Journal of Biomaterials science, etc.
Academic achievements
  • Published more than 10 SCI papers, with an impact factor of 51.54 and 381 citations.
    Obtained 7 patents and completed 3 projects of the Korea Research Foundation, the General Administration of Food and Drug Administration and the Ministry of Health and Welfare.
    American Academy of Plastic Surgeons Atlanta 2021 Presentation "Using Fat Transfer Enriched in Stromal Vascular Fraction to Improve Survival of Facial Fat Grafts: A Prospective Multicenter, Randomized Controlled Study."
Research direction
  • New biomedical materials;
    Development and application of targeted drug delivery system;
    stem cell research;
    Tissue regenerative medicine (skin, bone);
    Repair and rebuild;
    Birthmark, Scar Medicine.
Main academic papers
Regeneration of full-thickness skin defects by differentiated adipose-derived stem cells into fibroblast-like cells by fibroblast-conditioned medium
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The cytotoxicity and skin irritation of nanostructured cellulose surface fabricated by a plasma-induced method。 等离子体诱导法制备的纳米结构纤维素表面的细胞毒性和皮肤刺激性。 Cellulose 26 (18), 9737-9749
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