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Panacell Biotech Co., Ltd. recently demonstrated the effectiveness of hair loss treatment in a preliminary animal experiment


With the recent activation of the development of cell therapy using stem cell culture technology, attempts to use stem cells in hair loss treatment are underway at various domestic and foreign research institutes, including Panacell Biotech (CEO Choi Seung-ho). Panacell Biotech Co., Ltd., which has been conducting research to develop hair follicle cell collection devices and apply stem cell culture technology to hair loss treatment, recently proved the effectiveness of hair loss treatment in a preliminary animal experiment. 


In Panacell Biotech's affiliated research institute, stem cell therapy was injected into black hair loss model mice for 4 weeks.

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The hair growth effect of the test group mice was visually confirmed compared to the control group. Choi Seung-ho, CEO of Panacell Biotech, said, “Following animal experiments, we will further prove the effectiveness of stem cell therapy through clinical trials 1 and 2.” And he said, "It will be developed as a product that can be applied to hair loss treatment and can be used in domestic and foreign medical institutions."

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