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Panacell Biotech Co., Ltd. Awarded [2022 International Clean Environment Contribution Award]


The Global Clean Environment Awards, held for the third time, was given to seven winners in five categories -- Siheung City government in the Public Service category; Panacell Biotech in the Healthcare category; AMP Robotics, Joyview Education, and Bespin Global in the Business category; Kiwe Lab in the Entertainment category; and Eric Hyun Sim in the Global Youth Leader category.

The Awards Selection Committee said the seven winners made outstanding contributions and had positive impacts on environmental improvement and the livelihood of human beings.


Lee Sang-yong, a member of the awards selection committee and former deputy director at MBC newsroom, said, “It was a proud moment to be with winners who demonstrated their passion for solving global environmental problems.”


“I also praise ACE’s activities focusing on the coexistence of mankind, environment and economy.”

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