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Become a global bio company that leads the world's advanced regenerative medicine and advanced biopharmaceuticals.
R&D Introduction
The PANACELL BIOTECH Research Center has the separation capabilities of high -purity ADSC, NK Cell, Exosome, and Brown FAT, which runs through the entire process of cell therapy, as well as the technologies that track various differentiation of stem cells. After MNC extraction NK cells of Negative Selection are used for a lot of culture.
Ensure that world -class fat stem cells differentiate into cross -differentiated technology for brown fat stem cells.

Research Center Technology Status

  • Use competitive technologies in the field of cell therapy agents to separate immune cells
    Control the natural killing mechanism at the level of the feelings and antibody particles.
  • A variety of research, development, and patent applications related to the cultivation of proliferation
    High-efficiency SVF extraction method, stem cell optimization medium research, Brown Fat local, etc.
  • Long-term construction of a complete Cell Banking system
    Ensure the suitable temperature of the cell frozen and thaw, and the stability of the cell bank frozen.
  • Development of special substance basic products that can be extracted during stem cell culture
    EGF, FGF, Exosome, and other substances such as high-purity extraction and combination technology with other effective substances.
Exocrine Cosmetics Division (Headquarters)
Panacell Biotech Co.Ltd is a global biological enterprise leading the world's cutting-edge recycled medical and cutting-edge biomedical fields. And Research institute (Through research on stem cell culture and cell banking, focusing on the development of various cancers, incurable diseases, and the treatment agents and technologies of incurable diseases.) Contribute to the development of life and national competition in related fields.
On April 1, 2022, PANACELL BIOTECH was approved by the Korean Food and Medical Safety Department to permit a cell treatment facility. At present, 22 biotechnology companies, including university hospitals such as Seoul University Hospital, Yonsei Medical College, and Panacell Biotech, have been permitted by the government and are operating cell treatment facilities.
PANACELL BIOTECH focuses on experiments and R & D research development, inviting global experts in life engineering to provide customers with the best regenerative medical services.
Technology Transfer Business (Overseas)
Overseas Cell Therapy Business: Türkiye, Tunisia, Oman, Libya
Anti Aging Stem Cell Business
PANACELL biotechnology
PANACELL BIOTECH is the world's leading global biotechnology company in the field of regeneration medicine and biomedical.
Clinical Trials Of Drugs And Development Of Rare Drugs
Adipose Derived Stem Cell
Parkinson model rotation test
Behavior Analysis
Treatment Of Neurological Diseases (Dementia, Parkinson'S Disease, Etc.) Through Stem Cells
Use the patient's own cells to repair damaged brain cells through stem cells to ensure stability
Characteristics of stem cells
  • 01
    Self -proliferation can be divided into all tissue cells in the living body
  • 02
    The ability to go to the damaged parts that need to be repaired (Homing effect)
  • 03
    Replace or regenerate damage organization
Brown Fat Stem Cell
Animal model (successful transplantation)
PANACELL BIOTECH core technology
Overseas clinical trials and development of medical products for patients with obesity and diabetes
  • 01
    Human brown fat collection technology
  • 02
    Brown fat SVF collection technology
  • 03
    Brown fat from white fat
  • 04
    Brown fat ADSC mass production
Natural Killer Cell
Stem cell purity was 99.3%
Exosome Properties
  • >> Because it is not a cell, it has no chance of cancer.
  • >> Since it can be used after disinfection, there is no risk of bacterial infection.
  • >> Due to the small volume, they can spread to all parts of the body, including the brain.
  • >> Since it does not cause immune response, it can be commonly used by everyone.
  • >> It is non -toxic because there is no artificial compound.
  • >> Mass production difficulty
  • >> The duration is short and the injection needs to be repeated
Research Result
Research on the high purity and high -efficiency fat stem cell culture medium
Compared with the products of other companies, the virus marker (TSG101) of our company's exocrine body shows more than 100 times
Panacellbio Supply Of Gmp Facilities
Development Timeline
Project Indicator Leads/Candies Preclinical Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3
Stem cells Macular degeneration
Parkinson's Disease
Hair follicle stem cell collector
PN-NK Relapsed acute myeloid leukemia
Car-NK Combination therapy of radiation and anticancer agents
Exosomes Cosmetics
Hair follicle stem cell collector
Cell Banking
Hair Loss Remedy
Stem cell hair thrapy
Stem cell hair thrapy2
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